10 November 2011

In this talk, Dr Sara Shaw, Nuffield Trust Visiting Senior Fellow, outlines the findings of a research study to examine the experience of NHS organisations in Trafford, Greater Manchester, in developing a new integrated care system across the whole health economy.

Dr Shaw outlines the objectives of the study – to track the progress of change in implementing an integrated system – and explains some of the key drivers for developing more joined-up and efficient services, particularly in relation to the need to address the financial challenges faced by Trafford.

Dr Shaw explains how Trafford’s vision ties in with the current programme of NHS reforms,  highlighting their drive to promote clinical leadership, develop high quality and efficient care, create a balance between competition and integration, and develop health improvement across the Trafford population.

She concludes by summarising Trafford’s successes so far and the key lessons to be learned from their experiences.

The full findings of this study have been published in the research report: Towards integrated care in Trafford (November 2011), by Dr Sara Shaw and Ros Levenson. This publication reports from the first phase of an on-going Nuffield Trust research project: Tracking the journey towards integrated care in Trafford.

The second phase of the project will focus on the impact of integrated care by examining shifts in service use, finances and patient experience that happen as a result of the new model of care. Visit our dedicated project page for further details.

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