1. Making progress on efficiency in the NHS in England: options for system reform

    23 Jun 2010

    How can we preserve a publicly funded health service in the current economic climate? This briefing paper offers solutions for reducing spending.

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  2. Where next for integrated care organisations in the English NHS?

    30 Mar 2010

    Research shows that integrated health care improves outcomes for patients. This report examines ways in which the integrated care approach can work in the English NHS.

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  3. Where next for commissioning in the English NHS?

    30 Mar 2010

    Many people believe that improved commissioning is the key to greater productivity and more accountability in health care. This research report analyses the current state of commissioning in the...

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  4. Funding and performance of healthcare systems in the four countries of the UK before and after devolution

    20 Jan 2010

    This report – revised to take account of corrected official statistics – undertakes a completely new comparison of NHS performance in the English regions and the devolved countries of the UK.

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  5. Beyond Practice-based Commissioning: the local clinical partnership

    24 Nov 2009

    Practice-based commissioning (PbC) has been a cornerstone of the government’s health service reforms in England since it was introduced in 2005, but it has so far had limited success. With the future...

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  6. Candles in the Dark

    25 Sep 2009

    This report tells the story of how medical care was dispensed during the period of the recent civil conflict in Northern Ireland.

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  7. NHS Mutual: engaging staff and aligning incentives to achieve higher levels of performance

    1 Jul 2009

    Increasing staff involvement and motivation is critical to NHS reform. This report looks at the factors that drive staff engagement in the health service, and examines various models of employee...

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  8. Health in a Cold Climate: Developing an Intelligent Response to the Financial Challenges Facing the NHS

    11 Jun 2009

    This report explores the financial context in which the NHS operates and suggests ways in which it could run more efficiently.

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  9. Only Connect: Policy options for integrating health and social care

    1 Apr 2009

    How can we integrate health care and social care to achieve a better outcome for patients? This report summarises some expert views.

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  10. Progress to quality: Key themes from the Nuffield Trust 2009 Strategic Summit

    27 Mar 2009

      An event report drawing together the key themes from the Nuffield Trust’s Annual Health Strategy Summit 2009.

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  11. Critical Issues for Electronic Health Records

    12 Mar 2009

    This report identifies the seven key requirements for the successful implementation and maintenance of electronic health records.

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  12. Across the Pond - Lessons from the US on integrated healthcare

    21 Jan 2009

    A report on how integrated care operates in the United States and the potential lessons for developing an integrated care system in the UK.

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  13. Integrated Care: Lessons from Evidence and Experience

    21 Nov 2008

    We often need care that crosses the boundaries of different types of organisation: housing, social care, help from the voluntary sector. It would be better for patients if that care could be better...

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  14. Becoming European: How France, Germany, Spain and UK Engage with European Union Health Policy

    20 Nov 2008

    How do European Union member states influence EU health policy? Scott L Greer examines four European nations and compares approaches.

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  15. Health and intergovernmental relations in the devolved United Kingdom

    14 Jul 2008

    This report explains how devolution shapes health policy in the four countries of the UK: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

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  16. Rejuvenate or retire? Views of the NHS at 60

    3 Jul 2008

    To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the National Health Service, the Nuffield Trust has brought together many of the people involved with the development of the service. The resulting publication is...

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  17. The quest for quality in the NHS: refining the NHS reforms

    20 May 2008

    The Labour Government came to power promising modernisation and renewal of the NHS, in a process that would install quality ‘at its heart’ (Department of Health, 1997). This report considers how and...

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  18. Changing hospital architecture

    6 May 2008

    What can good design offer that most functionally-distinct of building types, the hospital? Few well-known architects have been involved in their design and even fewer big architectural prizes have...

  19. Integrating NHS care: lessons from the frontline

    25 Apr 2008

    This paper explores examples of how integrated care is already being achieved in the NHS as a guide for health care policy makers.

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  20. Devolution and health

    28 Jan 2008

    The Nuffield Trust was one of the first organisations to identify the potential impact of devolution on the UK’s health systems. This report describes how health policy has changed in the four...

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