1. What is integrated care?

    10 Jun 2011

    Current NHS reforms emphasise the need to integrate care more effectively, reflecting a long-standing concern in the NHS with how to address the division of care. This research report investigates...

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  2. The Health and Social Care Bill: where next?

    27 May 2011

    The NHS in England is about to embark on a major programme of reform. This briefing provides the Nuffield Trust response to the Government’s NHS ‘listening exercise’, in which Ministers will consider...

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  3. Predictive modelling for social care: Next steps workshop

    11 May 2011

    An event report summarising discussions at a Nuffield Trust workshop for local authorities interested in piloting new models that predict future use of social care.

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  4. Reflections on the 2011 Annual Health Strategy Summit

    1 May 2011

    The Nuffield Trust’s third Annual Health Strategy Summit, held in March 2011, came at a critical time in the implementation of the NHS reforms. This report reflects on the debates that took place...

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  5. An evaluation of the impact of community-based interventions on hospital use

    10 Mar 2011

    In recent years, the Department of Health has encouraged efforts to deliver more care in community settings, with the joint aims of avoiding unplanned admissions to hospital and reducing net costs....

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  6. NHS reforms in England: managing the transition

    9 Mar 2011

    The NHS in England is about to embark on a substantial programme of reform made more challenging by ambitious efficiency targets and large cuts to management. This Nuffield Trust policy response...

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  7. Snapshot survey of health leaders on the Government’s NHS reforms

    9 Mar 2011

    The Government is proposing major reforms to the way health services are organised and delivered in the NHS in England. At this crucial time in the reform agenda, the Nuffield Trust has conducted a '...

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  8. Predictive risk and health care: an overview

    1 Mar 2011

    Predictive risk adjustment tools are becoming increasingly important in the NHS, with primary care trusts (PCTs) and GP consortia expected to make greater use of such tools to stratify the health...

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  9. Predicting social care costs: a feasibility study

    24 Feb 2011

    With the costs of caring for people with complex social care and health care needs set to rise in the UK in the coming years, it is becoming increasingly important to find ways of helping local...

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  10. Health and Social Care Bill: A briefing

    27 Jan 2011

    The Health and Social Care Bill turns into law the major reforms promised in the NHS White Paper: Equity and excellence: Liberating the NHS. This briefing highlights key aspects of the legislation...

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  11. GP commissioning: insights from medical groups in the United States

    19 Jan 2011

    Handing control of commissioning budgets to groups of clinicians forms one of the most radical proposals set out by the Government. Nuffield Trust researchers visited a number of doctor-led groups in...

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  12. Making markets work: a seminar on competition policy

    11 Jan 2011

    The Government is proposing to extend the use of market forces within the NHS in England. To explore the impact these reforms would have, the Nuffield Trust is holding a series of seminars on...

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  13. Social care and hospital use at the end of life

    8 Dec 2010

    There is a shortage of information about the care people receive at the end of their lives. The Nuffield Trust has been attempting to address this shortfall by investigating the use and estimated...

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  14. The Techniker Krankenkasse experience: lessons for commissioners from a successful German statutory health insurer

    9 Nov 2010

    How does a statutory insurer achieve high quality, good value health care in an economically challenging environment? There are useful learning points for UK health policy-makers in the German system...

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  15. NHS resources and reform: response to the White Paper Equity and Excellence: Liberating the NHS, and the 2010 Spending Review

    26 Oct 2010

    Can the Government’s proposed NHS reforms meet the efficiency challenge facing the health service while maintaining quality of care? This briefing paper presents a comprehensive analysis of the...

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  16. Reforming health care: why we need to learn from international experience

    20 Sep 2010

    Different countries face very different health policy challenges: is there such a thing as international good practice? This briefing gives an overview of international health system reform.

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  17. Removing the policy barriers to integrated care in England

    1 Sep 2010

    The White Paper Equity and Excellence: Liberating the NHS proposes giving budgetary control and commissioning responsibilities to groups of GPs. This study looks at health economies in five areas of...

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  18. The coalition Government's NHS reforms: an assessment of the White Paper

    10 Aug 2010

    The Government outlined its plans for NHS reform in the White Paper: Equity and Excellence: Liberating the NHS. This briefing outlines the main features of the proposed reforms and assesses whether...

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  19. Trends in emergency admissions in England 2004 - 2009

    5 Jul 2010

    This report examines the rise in emergency hospital admissions in England from 2004/05 to 2008/09 and tries to identify the possible explanations.

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  20. Giving GPs budgets for commissioning: what needs to be done?

    23 Jun 2010

    A briefing paper produced jointly by six national health care organisations, to examine the Government’s proposals to hand real budgets to GPs to commission services on their patients’ behalf.

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