1. Reforming social care: options for funding

    29 May 2012

    This report highlights the potential future funding gap in social care and draws on the Dilnot Commission review of funding for adult social care to outline the possible options for reform.

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  2. Our priorities

    28 Mar 2012

    We are helping the NHS respond to its major challenges by providing objective research and analysis that aims to improve the quality of policy and practice. Here we outline our priorities.

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  3. Health and Social Care Bill: Commons' consideration of Lords amendments

    19 Mar 2012

    After substantial revision, the Health and Social Care Bill is returning to the House of Commons. This briefing examines the Lords amendments as MPs prepare to discuss the primary legislation.

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  4. Rationing health care: is it time to set out more clearly what is funded by the NHS?

    27 Feb 2012

    In an era of unprecedented financial challenge, our research asks whether the time is now right to specify what is and is not covered by core NHS funding.

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  5. Competition and integration

    20 Jan 2012

    This event report summarises discussions from a joint seminar by the Nuffield Trust and Monitor on how competition and integration can be combined to improve quality and efficiency in NHS.

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  6. Can NHS hospitals do more with less?

    12 Jan 2012

    As the NHS attempts to secure unprecedented productivity gains, new research based on UK and international experience suggests how hospitals can improve efficiency.

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  7. Integrated care for patients and populations: Improving outcomes by working together

    5 Jan 2012

    The Government wants better integration of care to be at the heart of the NHS. This report aims to support the development of a national strategy for the promotion of integrated care.

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  8. Competition, integration and incentives: the quest for efficiency in the English NHS

    14 Dec 2011

    This Viewpoint by Provost of Harvard University, Professor Alan Garber, provides a US expert view on the question of how best to balance incentives to promote innovation in the NHS.

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  9. Person-based Resource Allocation: New approaches to estimating commissioning budgets for GP practices

    9 Dec 2011

    This research summary highlights a new approach to allocating resources to commissioning GP practices in the NHS in England, which has been developed by the Nuffield Trust and partners.

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  10. Choosing a predictive risk model: a guide for commissioners in England

    17 Nov 2011

    Following the Government's decision not to upgrade existing predictive risk models, this guide aims to help commissioners now tasked with choosing risk tools from an open market.

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  11. Towards integrated care in Trafford

    10 Nov 2011

    This study of efforts in Trafford, Greater Manchester, to deliver integrated care provides valuable insights into the challenge of service reconfiguration at a time of financial constraint.

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  12. Managing health reform through an economic downturn

    20 Oct 2011

    A study of the Canadian experience of managing health reform in a time of austerity suggests that this requires skilful political leadership and honesty with the public about the need for cuts.

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  13. Health and Social Care Bill: Second reading, House of Lords

    6 Oct 2011

    The Health and Social Care Bill is about to undergo detailed scrutiny by the House of Lords. This briefing examines the Government's latest amendments as Peers prepare to debate the Bill.

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  14. Commissioning integrated care in a liberated NHS

    22 Sep 2011

    The coalition Government’s NHS reforms provide a renewed emphasis on integrated care. This report explores how commissioners can play a key role in developing more joined-up and efficient services.

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  15. Setting priorities in health: The challenge of clinical commissioning

    15 Sep 2011

    A national study into how PCTs have prioritised NHS resources highlights the strengths and weaknesses of their processes and the lessons for the coming generation of clinical commissioners.

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  16. Access to person-level data in health care: Understanding information governance

    16 Aug 2011

    How we govern the use of health care data is of growing concern – this research report and summary explore existing data governance arrangements and the social values underpinning them.

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  17. Integration in action: four international case studies

    7 Jul 2011

    Delivering high-quality integrated care is challenging. This report highlights the experience of four successful international case studies.

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  18. Risk adjustment conference: Key messages

    29 Jun 2011

    Reflections from a one-day conference on the development and application of risk adjustment tools which are finding a variety of uses in the NHS.

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  19. Memorandum to the Public Bill Committee for the Health and Social Care Bill

    27 Jun 2011

    Following the end of the NHS Listening Exercise, the amended Health and Social Care Bill has returned to the Commons. Read our briefing which sets out our analysis of the redrafted legislation.

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  20. GP commissioning in the NHS in England: Ten suggestions from the United States

    13 Jun 2011

    Nuffield Trust Viewpoints provide a platform for UK and international health leaders to explore, debate and discuss critical health care reform issues. In the first of the series, a leading scholar...

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