Stroke Association Voluntary Groups (SAVGs) provide peer and social support to stroke survivors and carers in the community. An external evaluation of the groups has been commissioned so that the Stroke Association  can provide targeted guidance to support the ongoing development of existing groups and the set-up of new groups. 

The Nuffield Trust was successful in being selected to evaluate the Stroke Association Peer Support project. The evaluation will explore the SAVGs using a mixed methods approach. 

Semi-structured interviews and focus groups will be conducted to learn more about the process of implementing the SAVGs. These will be carried out with stroke survivors and carers as well as volunteers and paid staff. 

The impact of the groups on stroke survivors and carers will be explored by looking at self-reported measures of health and well-being using a questionnaire.  The questionnaire will be completed at two time-points, three months apart, capturing the experiences of existing group members as well as new group members on an ongoing basis. 

To ensure that the evaluation reflects the priorities of the programme beneficiaries at all stages, the evaluation will be overseen by an advisory group. This group is made up of stroke survivor, carer and volunteer representation as well as the Nuffield Trust project team, Stroke Association staff and academic experts with experience conducting research in this area. 

Please contact Holly Dorning for further details. 


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