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  1. 16 December 2016

    Pressure on NHS beds could risk patient safety, Nuffield Trust warns

    Five entire hospitals’-worth of extra beds had to be opened every day last winter. 
  2. 15 December 2016

    Our response to local government funding settlement 2017-18

    Nigel Edwards responds to the new local government funding settlement, announced today. 
  3. 08 December 2016

    We respond to October's Combined Performance Summary

    Professor John Appleby responds to the latest performance figures from NHS England
  4. 08 December 2016

    QualityWatch annual statement presents verdict on healthcare quality

    The latest Quality Watch Annual Statement warns that despite maintaining and improving care quality the NHS is at risk of serious lapses of care in the future.
  5. 01 December 2016

    NHS pressures undermining relations between doctors and managers, study shows

    Our new report looks at the relationship between hospital managers and senior doctors.
  6. 29 November 2016

    We comment on NHS Providers’ State of the Provider Sector report

    Nigel Edwards provides a comment on the State of the Provider Sector report from NHS Providers
  7. 23 November 2016

    Our response to lack of funding for social care in the Autumn Statement

    Nuffield Trust warns that vulnerable people will pay the price in today's Autumn Statement
  8. 21 November 2016

    Nuffield Trust comments on report from the National Audit Office

    John Appleby responds to the National Audit Office's report into the financial sustainability of the NHS
  9. 18 November 2016

    Our response to latest financial figures from NHS Improvement

    Nuffield Trust responds to NHS Improvement financial figures from April to September
  10. 18 November 2016

    Our comment ahead of the publication of the latest financial figures from NHS Improvement

    Sally Gainsbury comments on NHS Improvement's Quarterly finance figures due out later today
  11. 16 November 2016

    Digital technology can transform patients’ lives, but impact on the NHS is uncertain, experts find

    Digital technology for patients and staff in primary care is one of the brightest hopes on the NHS horizon – but the impact of this new digital capability is far from certain.  
  12. 10 November 2016

    Our response to September's NHS Combined Performance Summary

    Our response to the NHS Combined Performance Summary for September. 
  13. 08 November 2016

    Health charities warn of £1.9bn social care funding gap

    Ahead of the Autumn Statement on 23 November, the Nuffield Trust, the Health Foundation and The King's Fund have joined together to warn of a £1.9 billion funding gap for adult social care next year...
  14. 03 November 2016

    Nuffield Trust response to the Health Select Committee report on winter pressures

    Nigel Edwards comments on the latest report from the Health Select Committee on winter pressures.
  15. 31 October 2016

    Our statement on the Health Select Committee’s letter to the Treasury

    John Appleby comments on the Health Select Committee letter to the Chancellor on NHS funding
  16. 25 October 2016

    Our response to Bengoa report into healthcare reform

    Nigel Edwards comments on the Bengoa report into healthcare reform in Northern Ireland.
  17. 13 October 2016

    Our response to August combined performance summary

    Nigel Edwards responds to NHS England's Combined Performance Summary for August
  18. 13 October 2016

    Our response to the Care Quality Commission’s State of Care Report

    Nigel Edwards responds to the Care Quality Commission's annual State of Care Report
  19. 11 October 2016

    Hospital bed squeeze is being miscounted and causing congestion

    A new report analyses patient flow through hospitals in England.
  20. 04 October 2016

    Our reaction to announcement of increased UK training posts for doctors

    Nigel Edwards comments on Jeremy Hunt's announcement to increase the numbers of UK trained doctors
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