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This interactive map illustrates variation in spending on the interest relating to private finance initiative (PFI) debt across NHS and foundation trusts in England.

Since 1992, most new capital investment in the NHS has been undertaken through PFI schemes. Under these arrangements, the private sector finances the design, build and operation of hospitals, which are then leased back to the public sector.

Provider spending on repayments of these PFI schemes has increased substantially since 2009/10 as more schemes have been completed, and in recent years PFI debt interest payments have started to become a specific burden for a number of trusts. As shown in the map above, spending in London of £143.9 million in 2011/12 was more than five times greater than in the South West (£26.9 million in 2011/12).

This map is taken from the report: The anatomy of health spending 2011/12: a review of NHS expenditure and labour productivity (Nuffield Trust, March 2013), which forms part of an ongoing research programme the Nuffield Trust is undertaking, supported by PwC and McKesson.

An image of the map showing data for the 2011/12 period is available to download via the link above. If you require images for any of the other years shown in the interactive map, please contact the Nuffield Trust digital team with your request.

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