Source: England Health & Social Care Information Centre; Health Statistics and Analysis Unit, Welsh Government; Information Service Division, Scotland; Department of Health and Social Services and Public Safety, Northern Ireland.

This chart shows prescribing spend per person in the UK for the years 2006 to 2013 (data for Scotland is in financial years but is shown this way for consistency with other countries).

Since 2006, annual prescribing spend per person has decreased in all four countries of the UK. However there is significant variation within nations.
In Scotland, prescribing spending per head has increased by 3 per cent in real terms between 2012 and 2013, from £171 to £176.
England has the lowest prescribing spend per person, at £142 in 2013.
The data has been adjusted to real terms using the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) deflator from HM Treasury.

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