These maps compare recent data on staffing rates per 1,000 of the population across the four UK countries and the ten English Strategic Health Authority's (SHAs). They cover:

  • Hospital medical and dental staff;
  • Nursing, midwifery and health visiting staff;
  • General practitioners (GPs).

The maps reveal significant regional variations:

  • Scotland had the highest rates of hospital medical/dental staff and GPs;
  • North East England had the third highest rates of GPs, and of nursing, midwifery and health visiting staff;
  • The South East Coast of England had, on average, the second lowest rates across all three indicators.

A companion series of maps compares available hospital beds and waiting times across the UK.

The maps are based on data from the report: Funding and performance of healthcare systems in the four countries of the UK before and after devolution, which examines the impact of devolution in the four countries by studying a number of key performance indicators such as expenditure, staffing levels and waiting times.

UK and international comparisons are an important part of our work. By examining established practice overseas, we aim to bring the benefits of international experience to inform policy-making and practice in the UK. As part of this, we are recognised as an authority on the comparative performance of the four health systems of the UK.

To find out more about our work in this area, visit our project page: Funding and performance of health care systems in the four countries of the UK.

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