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This interactive map shows variation in average labour productivity in selected NHS and foundation trusts by strategic health authority in England, between 2006/07 and 2011/12.

This demonstrates a clear divide between relatively more productive trusts in the South of the country and the less productive ones in the North. The exception to this is London, where trusts are relatively less productive.

For this analysis we sought to extend the productivity measure used by The Office of National Statistics (ONS) in their annual report on health care productivity in the UK.

Our measure differs from the ONS measure in that: it only looks at performance of the NHS in England; it only includes activity undertaken in NHS trusts and foundation trusts; it is not adjusted for quality; and the input measure used is labour input, not the total cost of delivering care. We have also only included trusts where data are available for all years.

This map is taken from the report: The anatomy of health spending 2011/12: a review of NHS expenditure and labour productivity (Nuffield Trust, March 2013), which forms part of an ongoing research programme the Nuffield Trust is undertaking, supported by PwC and McKesson.

An image of the map showing data for the 2011/12 period is available to download via the link above. If you require images for any of the other years shown in the interactive map, please contact the Nuffield Trust digital team with your request.

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