1. House of Lords committee on the long-term sustainability of the NHS

    1 Nov 2016

    This note sets out the Nuffield Trust’s views on key questions concerning the House of Lord's Committee’s investigation of the sustainability of the NHS over the next fifteen years. It updates oral...

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  2. Supplementary Submission to the Health Committee inquiry on the impact of the Spending Review

    10 Feb 2016

    This supplementary submission to the Health Committee’s Spending Review inquiry draws on the Nuffield Trust’s own research, and lays out our analysis on the issues of NHS trust financing, system...

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  3. Health Committee Inquiry Submission: primary care

    22 Sep 2015

    The House of Commons Health Committee recently invited written submissions as part of an inquiry into the challenges affecting primary care services in England. The Nuffield Trust’s submission...

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  4. Our response to the Health Select Committee’s Public Expenditure Inquiry 2014

    2 Dec 2014

    The Health Select Committee is looking at the financial pressure on health and social care, efficiency drives and their impact, and privatisation in the NHS. The Nuffield Trust submitted a full...

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  5. Our response to a government consultation on protecting health and social care information

    8 Aug 2014

    The government is seeking views on proposals to introduce tighter controls and safeguards on the use of personal health and care data. They are proposing introducing a number of ‘Accredited Safe...

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  6. Health Committee Inquiry Submission: public expenditure on health and social care

    8 Nov 2013

    The Health Select Committee is looking into the need for savings in health and social care, and the effect on service providers and patient care. Read our response to their inquiry.

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  7. Refreshing the Mandate to NHS England: 2014 – 2015

    27 Sep 2013

    The Mandate to NHS England is intended to set out the Government’s ambitions for the English NHS – this briefing responds to the Government’s proposals to update the Mandate for 2014-15.

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  8. Changes to the way the CQC inspects, regulates and monitors care

    12 Aug 2013

    The CQC is changing how it regulates care services, with longer more thorough inspections planned. This briefing outlines our response to its proposals. 

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  9. Continuity of services and designating commissioner requested services

    8 Nov 2012

    Monitor’s guidance is an important step in establishing more transparency in the system of intra-NHS funding transfers, but it would be helpful if other implied objectives were made more explicit.

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  10. Health Committee: 2012 inquiry into the work of NICE

    29 Oct 2012

    Through rigorous assessments, a focus on cost effectiveness and ability to mandate certain treatments, NICE has had an impact on shaping some elements of NHS care, but its influence has limitations.

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  11. The new NHS provider licence: our response to the Monitor consultation

    23 Oct 2012

    In our response to Monitor’s consultation on the draft licence for providers of NHS services, we offer overall comments and answers to some specific questions posed by the consultation document.

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  12. Protecting and promoting patients' interests – licensing

    22 Oct 2012

    Responding to the Government’s consultation on licensing, we outline our concerns around the weight placed on sector regulation licensing relative to developing and improving quality regulation.

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  13. Health Committee: Public Expenditure Inquiry 2012

    16 Oct 2012

    Economic modelling by the Institute for Fiscal Studies suggests that unprecedented productivity increases are crucial to NHS sustainability. In this paper we recommend several priorities be pursued.

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  14. Response to the draft mandate to the NHS Commissioning Board

    26 Sep 2012

    In our response to the draft mandate to the NHS Commissioning Board, we suggest that the annual progress report needs to be credible and non-partisan, reporting on both improvement and failure.

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  15. Public Health White Paper 'Healthy Lives, Healthy People': our consultation response

    31 Mar 2011

    The White Paper ‘Healthy Lives, Healthy People’ sets out a radical change to the way public health is structured and delivered, but several aspects of the plans should be strengthened.

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  16. Commissioning for Patients: our consultation response

    11 Oct 2010

    The 2010 NHS White Paper: Equity and excellence: Liberating the NHS signalled the Government’s intention to make groups of local GP practices – supported by an independent national board –...

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  17. Transparency in outcomes (a framework for the NHS): our consultation response

    11 Oct 2010

    The 2010 NHS White Paper: Equity and excellence: Liberating the NHS set out plans for measuring NHS performance through a new, national ‘Outcomes Framework’, the intention being to place more...

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  18. ‘Increasing democratic legitimacy in health’: our consultation response

    11 Oct 2010

    Previous attempts to make the NHS more accountable to local residents and patients have had limited success. The 2010 NHS White Paper: Equity and excellence: Liberating the NHS outlined Government...

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  19. ‘Regulating healthcare providers’: our consultation response

    11 Oct 2010

    The Government intends to develop market based mechanisms in the NHS to improve efficiency and quality. This entails a much larger and more influential role for the Foundation Trust regulator Monitor...

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  20. Impact of the 2015 Spending Review on health and social care

    Our joint evidence submission with the Health Foundation and The King's Fund to the Health Select Committee inquiry into the impact of the Comprehensive Spending Review on health and social care....

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