In addition to authoring Nuffield Trust reports, our researchers also publish their work in peer review journals. Follow the links below to browse and access a selection of journal articles by our researchers, and to explore other related resources.

  1. Real Lives

    15 Sep 2016
    The Richmond Group of Charities
    Holly Holder Patrick Hall

    This report was written by The King’s Fund and the Nuffield Trust, and commissioned by the Richmond Group of Charities in partnership with the British Red Cross and the Royal Voluntary Service.

  2. The Impact of a National Clinician-led Audit Initiative on Care and Mortality after Hip Fracture in England: An External Evaluation using Time Trends in Non-audit Data.

    1 Aug 2016
    Med Care 2015
    Dr Jenny Neuburger
  3. Effect of telehealth on hospital utilisation and mortality in routine clinical practice: a matched control cohort study in an early adopter site

    3 Feb 2016
    The BMJ
    Dr Elizabeth Fisher
    Dr Martin Bardsley
    Adam Steventon
    Cono Ariti

    Research assessing the effects of a home-based telehealth intervention on the use of secondary healthcare and mortality.

  4. Is the incidence of hip fracture increasing among older men in England?

    21 Jan 2016
    J Epidemiol Community Health 2015
    Dr Jenny Neuburger Robert Wakeman
  5. Continuous monitoring of emergency admissions of older care home residents to hospital

    1 Jan 2016
    Age and Ageing
    Chris Sherlaw-Johnson
    Dr Martin Bardsley

    Evidence from inspection programmes suggest that the quality of care provided by individual care homes for older people is very variable. Aside from periodic inspection, there is limited information that is routinely collected and can be used to monitor quality.

  6. Commissioning's identity crisis

    18 Nov 2015
    The BMJ
    Nigel Edwards

    Nigel Edwards argues that, if current trends in commissioning continue, holding on to the N in NHS may become much more difficult. 

  7. Thinking the unthinkable about the NHS

    27 Oct 2015
    The BMJ
    Nigel Edwards
  8. Seven day working: why the health secretary’s proposal is not as simple as it sounds

    5 Sep 2015
    The BMJ
    Helen Crump

    Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt’s recent declaration that he wants to see most hospital doctors on “seven day contracts” to enable weekend working provoked the ire of many NHS staff, who have been using the Twitter hashtag #iminworkjeremy to show they already work at weekends. Helen Crump explores the evidence behind the proposal and its financial implications.

  9. Health Policy Priorities for a New Parliament: Essay collection

    7 Jul 2015
    All-Party Parliamentary Health Group and The King's Fund
    Candace Imison

    This article is part of a collection of essays published jointly by the All-Party Parliamentary Group and The King's Fund. 

  10. An Approach to Assess Generalizability in Comparative Effectiveness Research: A Case Study of the Whole Systems Demonstrator Cluster Randomized Trial Comparing Telehealth with Usual Care for Patients with Chronic Health Conditions

    18 May 2015
    Medical Decision Making
    Dr Martin Bardsley
    Adam Steventon
    Richard Grieve, PhD
  11. Improving productive efficiency in hospitals: findings from a review of the international evidence

    7 Aug 2014
    Health Economics, Policy and Law
    Professor Judith Smith
    , Benedict E. Rumbold
    Jeremy Hurst
    Anita Charlesworth
    Aileen Clarke

    This paper provides an overview of the international evidence on how to improve productive efficiency in secondary care settings.

  12. Comparing primary and secondary health-care use between diagnostic routes before a colorectal cancer diagnosis: Cohort study using linked data

    29 Jul 2014
    British Journal of Cancer
    Dr Jessica Sheringham
    Theo Georghiou
    Dr Martin Bardsley
    , Xavier Chitnis

    This study aimed to compare colorectal cancer patients’ health care use by diagnostic route.

  13. Effect of a telephonic alert system (Healthy outlook) for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: a cohort study with matched controls

    10 Jul 2014
    Journal of Public Health Advance Access
    Dr Martin Bardsley
    Professor Nicholas Mays
    , Adam Steventon

    This article describes an evaluation of a telephonic alert system and its effect on hospital use and mortality.

  14. Experiences of front-line health professionals in the delivery of telehealth: a qualitative study

    30 Jun 2014
    British Journal of General Practice
    Dr Martin Bardsley & others

    In this article, authors examine the views and experiences of health care professionals caring for patients receiving the telehealth intervention.

  15. Why is health care inflation greater than general inflation?

    16 Apr 2014
    Journal of Health Services Research & Policy
    Anita Charlesworth

    This article describes why inflation for health care is greater than general inflation, looking back at costs over the past five years.

  16. Classifying emergency 30-day readmissions in England using routine hospital data 2004–2010: what is the scope for reduction?

    26 Mar 2014
    Emergency Medicine Journal
    Ian Blunt
    Dr Martin Bardsley
    Aileen Clarke
    Amy Grove

    This article describes a study which aimed to develop an exploratory categorisation based on likely causes on hospital readmission, and then assess the prevalence of these different types.

  17. The Francis Inquiry: from diagnosis to treatment

    11 Dec 2013
    Journal of Medical Ethics
    Professor Judith Smith

    In this article, Dr Judith Smith, Assessor to the Francis Public Inquiry and Director of Policy at the Nuffield Trust, describes the NHS’ reaction to the recommendations made in Francis' final report.

  18. Integrating care for high-risk patients in England using the virtual ward model: lessons in the process of care integration from three case sites

    6 Nov 2013
    International Journal of Integrated Care
    Dr Martin Bardsley
    Dr Geraint Lewis
    & others

    This article describes the implementation of Virtual Ward interventions in three case study sites (Croydon, Devon, and Wandsworth), and assesses how well each site has achieved integrated care.

  19. What can England’s NHS learn from Canterbury New Zealand?

    29 Oct 2013
    British Medical Journal
    Professor Judith Smith
    Professor Nicholas Mays

    This paper describes what the English NHS can learn from the extensive system of care coordination introduced in Canterbury, New Zealand, which covers hospital, community, social and primary care.

  20. Impact of telehealth on general practice contacts: findings from the whole systems demonstrator cluster randomised trial

    8 Oct 2013
    BMC Health Services Research
    Dr Martin Bardsley
    Adam Steventon
    & Helen Doll

    This paper assesses the impact of home-based telehealth interventions on general practice contacts, as part of the Department of Health's Whole Systems Demonstrator telehealth trial.

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