The Nuffield Trust is an independent health charity. We aim to improve the quality of health care in the UK by providing evidence-based research and policy analysis and informing and generating debate.


We want to help achieve a high quality health and social care system that improves the health and care of people in the UK.

We set out to do this by:

  • improving the evidence base that leads to better care by undertaking rigorous applied research and policy analysis 
  • using our independence to provide expert commentary, analysis and scrutiny of policy and practice
  • bringing together policy-makers, practitioners and others to develop solutions to the challenges facing the health and social care system.

We will be grounded in the practical implications of policy-making, working closely with NHS staff and policy-makers to identify solutions. Above all, we aim to be a trusted and respected voice at a time of unprecedented challenge to the NHS and social care system.



In everything we do we strive to be:

  • independent and free from vested interests
  • rigorous, robust and evidence-based in the work we undertake
  • relevant, supportive but also challenging when we need to be
  • open and engaging with all those we come into contact with
  • an organisation that makes a difference to the quality of policy-making and practice in the UK.

Current work programme

Our work programme focuses on a number of key areas – all of which are crucial to the long-term sustainability of the system. These areas are outlined in more detail in the Our Work section of the website and include:

We have also outlined what we believe the Government's 10 health and social care priorities should be over the course of this Parliament. We published this in a briefing in June 2015.  


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